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Gunite Swimming Pools

Gunite is the most suitable material for the home owners who want a low maintenance swimming pool. Gunite swimming pools offer some significant benefits compared to other kinds of swimming pools, it can withstand extreme conditions, like, extreme temperatures and severe weather.

Achieve flexible design with Gunite pools

If you are planning to construct a new backyard swimming pool, you will notice that there are several choices of pool type out there. Among all the choices Gunite pools are quite common in the United States, for its array benefits. Some of the attractive features of the Gunite pools are its extreme levels of flexibility in terms of design and aesthetic quality. Let’s understand basics about the materials used, benefits and consequences of the Gunite pools.

How is it constructed?

The Gunite Pool Installation in NJ usually consists of three steps:

Step One

Selection of the location and digging the hole

Step Two

Place the plumbing the appropriate location 

Step Three

Assembling the grid framework with the steel reinforcing rods

There is one thing about placing the reinforcing rods, all these rods are placed at a distance of 10 inches from each other. Once the grids are placed, a heavy gunite coating, cement mixture, and sand are sprayed around the steel reinforcing rods. To prepare the gunite mixture for spraying, the sprayer unit blends the dry gunite with water to produce the wet concrete material. Once the gunite mix is applied it has to be set to dry for 1 or 2 weeks. The final step is to apply a smooth finish in the pool, which can be achieved with a mixture of marble sand and cement (Plaster). However, a lot of people prefer to give a smooth finish to their pools with pebble surfaces or special concrete paint. Smooth finish is given with pebbles and plaster to offer more creativity.

Gunite Pool Builders in NJ offer several choices like tiles, fiberglass or even exposed aggregate to achieve a smooth finish to the pools. The construction time also acts as a factor in terms of durability. When constructed in a warm climate the gunite pool can have an extended level of durability and can be constructed in any size or shape.

The Benefits of Constructing Gunite Pool

Gunite Pools in Monmouth County NJ is preferred by many homeowners, to complete their backyard for several reasons:

  • Gunite pools in NJ offer more durable construction method and give a more impressive look
  • In the warmer climate, gunite pools are seen as the top choice for construction of residential projects and even some commercial space.
  • The Surface material and structure durability is excellent
  • In a commercial environment where damage is a huge concern, the lack of a liner and impact resistance makes it a preferred choice.
  • The design possibilities are nearly endless with Gunite pools
  • The gunite pools can be built in any required shape and size.
  • Overall, gunite pools are very strong and because of its steel framework. It can also retain their shape and size for a long period.

Though there are several advantages in constructing the gunite pools, there are a few notable points in this as well. The construction of the gunite pool is a time taking process, sometimes it can also take around 2-3 months to build it from scratch.

Many swimmers and children find the rough bottom in a gunite pool to be very abrasive and uncomfortable. It is not uncommon to scrape and or irritate your feet if the swimmer is in the pool for long periods and sitting on the pool’s steps or benches may snag a swimsuit. At Custom Pool Pros, we know how to fix these issues and give your pool a seamless experience. We are proud to be one of the trusted pool contractors in NJ. We are first choice for swimming pools construction and our customers love us for transparent and unbiased information.

While concrete pools in the Midwest cost more than any other construction method, that’s not always the case in some southern regions. What is more certain is that maintenance and energy costs are much greater with gunite pools. There is additional maintenance needed because the surface of the pool interacts with the water and can be a breeding ground for algae. Additionally, a plaster finish that is applied to concrete pools must be reapplied about every 7 to 10 years. Also, frost in colder climates can affect concrete pools requiring frequent surface repairs.

Fiberglass pools win the battle in ease of maintenance but it lags way behind gunite pool when it comes to design and experience. Concrete pools require maximum use of the pool’s filter because of metals and alkaloids that leech into the water through the plaster finish.

We are here to help you no matter what your choice for a pool is. At custom pool pros, we believe in making the lives of our customers easier by giving them hassle-free pool solutions.

Gunite Pool Crack Repair and Surface

No doubt Gunite pools are very durable but still over time, cracks in the concrete can form, plaster can deteriorate, and repairs need to be made. Pools are costly additions, so it is essential to keep your pool’s looks and functioning at its best to get the maximum out of your investment.

The two main types of repairs that may need to be done to your gunite pool are replastering and repairing cracks in the shell of the pool. Just like a house with a slab foundation, a concrete pool can develop cracks. With time, pressure changes, temperature changes, earthquakes, and shifting soil can all cause cracks to form. To fix a crack in a pool, the pool must be drained. It is best to work on a clean surface, so any debris or dirt is removed before repairs begin.

Custom fabricated staples are used to hold the cracks together and prevent them from widening. After the staples are in place, layers of epoxy and bonding agents are used to seal and repair the cracks. Once the cracks have been repaired, the pool will need to be re-plastered for a uniform look. Sometimes, the damage to your pool may not be as deep as the gunite, but only on the plaster. In this case, your pool will just need to be resurfaced.

Chemicals in the pool water can cause the plaster to break down. The plaster basin may also crack and peel from frequent use or tree limbs falling during a storm. Plaster comes in a variety of colors, so if you simply want to change the look of your pool and repairs are not needed, then replastering may be a good option for you.

We are one of the best when we talk about repair, construction or renovation of pools. Over the past few years, we have gained the trust of our customers because of our unparalleled services.

At custom pool pros, we believe in making the lives of our customers easier by giving them hassle-free pool solutions. Call us today for unbiased advice or to know the quotes!

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for creating a backyard that I’m proud off

The project came out so great. Thanks for being there all along the way. We did not know all the answers, but you came up with many ideas that now, with the built pool look great. Thank you for creating a backyard that I’m proud off.

Cheryl, Watching

Thanks Custom Pool Pros for the great pool and patio renovation

Thanks Custom Pool Pros for the great pool and patio renovation, the project was finished on time as promised. We had a fantastic time in the backyard for the birthday party. We didn’t give you much time to work on it but you still pulled it off. Thank you for doing a great job, on time and on budget.

Dina, Ringwood

Great vision and delivers with perfection

Tom has great vision and delivers with perfection. We were using our pool a day or two before his promised completion date which is extremely rare in this industry. Tom also did our landscape and circular driveway which was also exceptionally finished. We would never use anyone else.

Chetan N, Morganville

We highly recommend Custom Pool Pros

Hired Tom at Custom Pool Pros to build a gunite pool, new patio and driveway at my personal residence in Spring Lake, NJ. Tom is an absolute professional and has mastered his craft. I have built or rehabilitated 10 houses and have never been so happy with a contractor. Tom was always available and always followed up. I really appreciated how he spent hours showing us around to pools and other projects that he completed in the area – gave us confidence he would do the job and he delivered!!!!

Christopher A, Spring Lake

The pool came out fantastic

I have owned my own businesses for over 30 years and the way I was treated by Tom and his company was so great that it inspired me to improve my business’s level of customer satisfaction. The pool came out fantastic, I get compliments from every friend or relative that has been to my home. The after the sale service that Tom has given me is nothing short of amazing. If you are considering a pool, contact them, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Rich S, Manalapan

Great effort, team and result

Tom built us a lovely backyard. He turned a plain space into a fantastic place for our family to spend quality time together. He managed the project in a timely manner and was very flexible on late decisions and changes. Great effort, team and result.

Davis P, Summit

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